Catching up

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Well hopefully we are slowly catching up on things and time to get the sites back up to date.. We had a nice little walk through the woods to drift the other day and while having a little woodland picnic … Continued

Buzzing round the Marsh

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Which is basically all we did today…Wishing I’d included my Macro lens in my bag today but I managed a few shots using my 28-70 of some of the insects around the nice sheltered part of the marsh… Then we … Continued

A Cold Dark Start

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First opportunity to get out onto the Marsh since Christmas today as the Surf had subsided so Splashography would take a back seat for a couple of days leaving me free to do a bit of wildlife and nature shooting.. … Continued

Return to Mazza

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It’s been a while as I’ve been working solidly on the van to get it through the MOT before Christmas and thankfully it passed this morning. There’s still a lot to do with it bodywork wise but its well under … Continued

With December came snow

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Almost immediately as we hit december we were snowed over.. which okay its all romantic and all that if you don’t have to be out in it trying to get your van back on the road.. well needless to say … Continued

Whooper Dee Doo

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Took a brief ride to be out of the mizzly weather over to Ryans Field at Hayle.. Not a massive amount about but there was a few med gulls, lapwing, redshanks curlew etc. Nice Med Gull in winter plumage… Curlew … Continued

Grey Seals and Kestrels

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Well its definitely that time of year again when the frollicking seals bring forth their young and the frollicking Sea’s bring them forth onto the beach where we have to rescue them lol.. After our rescues last year we’re ready … Continued