Help I’ve been Bitterned!! Call da police!!

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Sorry couldn’t help it.. that walk just creased me up this afternoon.. you won’t believe it when I tell you I simply stopped at the wall and nipped over to look through the binoculars and there he was stood standing right on the edge of the reeds in the lovely sun.. but By Jeeze it was Frikkin windy..

I grabbed the video out of my pocket and shouted for Leanne to get my camera on the tripod..   A chap came up and said ‘seen anything of the Bitterns today? I pointed and he nearly fell over and left his scope to get his camera lol..

Bittern standing in the afternoon sun

Obviously by this time Leanne had set up the Camera and joined me.. together we shot the stills and the Video (which is on the website HERE.. ) until Leanne couldn’t stand the cold wind any more and ran back to the van.

He’d started to walk along the edge of the reeds and I tried to hold the video still by resting it on the wall but every time the wind Gusted it shook so much I didn’t think I’d get anything so I was really pleased when I did..

Finally he made his way back into the reeds and they closed behind him like a grand finalé curtain..
I contemplated heading straight off but the water pipit and a water rail were ducking and diving down in the adge of the reeds but unfortunately I couldn’t get on them to shoot.. but this meadow Pipit made up for it by coming right up to the wall to say hello…

Meadow Pipit just over the wall

The wind was so strong and Icy that I decided to head down to the back of the marsh to get out of it for a while so I packed up and moved the van to the charity car park entrance and grabbing some hot tea set off across the bog to walk up the marsh..

It was nice to get out of the wind but the light fell away rapidly making it impossible to get any clear shots.. another bittern showed himself out of the reeds by the bench on the footpath but very briefly and was gone before i could get him.. still, I could’t better the earlier shots.. here’s where they’ve cleared the reeds with the reed cutter last week and where the 2nd bittern came out.

Still from the camcorder of the marsh after cutting

The light was bad where I was so I took these couple of shots with the camcorder which deals quite well with low light..

The Bullrush Pool by the bench reflections of the sky

I finally decided I’d had enough of the strong Icy wind and headed back to the van… the sun came out for a final show as I reached the bottom field and a little egret flew over the marsh so I’ll leave you with a couple of shots of him…

Enjoy the photo’s and check out the vid on the website

Egret over the marsh

Little Egret
Little Egret

Well that wraps up the Blog and the shoot for another day… hope you enjoyed everything.. don’t forget you can leave comments if you like but please keep it clean as Children do visit this site..

Thanks and Bye…..

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  1. Superb – should have come & tracked you down yesterday but it was too cold for me. The Bitterns do have a rather funny walk, comes from walking about in reeds all the time, hiding from you ! Keep Warm Sue

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