Woodland Walk

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Once more the Duchy was windswept on every coast so we decided to seek shelter in the Local woods.. its always good for a few shots and today was no different.

The rooks were in full chorus from the tall boughs of the trees, where they were pairing up for the coming breeding season, as we went into the woods and around to the lake

On the Lake amid the pairing swans was a solitary Canada Goose who gave some good opportunity for a few nice shots..

As did the mallards and little Grebes.. as always the light in these wooded area’s don’t afford fast shots so I stuck to shooting the slower action rather than the squabbling Swan’s etc

Unfortunately the lake is such a popular place with parents and children that I don’t usually last long before I’m seeking the deeper parts of the woods until Macdonald time.

A young little Grebe enjoying a lunch of Minnows

of course its also a time for burying your nuts for a feast when there’s less around to feed on.. We wandered on in search of Jays but alas they were only visible for fleeting glances and certainly not in a position to be photographed.

We sat by the tranquil running water and enjoyed the tranquility and the distant yaffle from a Green woodpecker….

Light was fading fast so we slowly walked back to the car and headed off home.. it had been a pleasant day spent in a vernal woodland..

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