Early Nesters and Bitterns galore

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Another day at Marazion but a little less wind today so I stood at the cut out for a while..
No Bob today after his sad News, which we were so srry to hear Bob.. we hope you’re okay and we’re thinking of you in your sad Loss. Strange the Marsh looks empty without Bob’s Huge Lens poking out to the reeds 🙂

Interesting to see the Herons starting their Des Res Nest again this year so early.. probably taking advantage of all the fresh cut reeds laid around to save a lot of time and effort and her grace seems set on having her very own luxury palace this year overlooking the lookout where she can watch the Humings all day..

returning to the Nest Building
Posing in the New nest as Mr & Mrs Jedward

While all the activity is going onin heronland the Swans are busily fighting for their females and the Pheep Pheep of the Teals can be heard across the marsh as they do their circular bobbing and ducking to impress the females.. so all is getting fruity on the marsh… lets hope the Bitterns get smitten too 🙂 ( though I hardly think there’s enough room for them)

Checking out the des res from above..

The wind was (although mellow today) still very biting so I decided a walk down into the field was in order so I collected my Tea from the van (as most know thats the most important thing .. a nice cup of fresh rosy lee) and wandered off to the gate in the field to see what was about.

A nice female Stonechat was the first to greet me as I climbed through the gap in the wall and she flitted about catching flies and landing just in fromt of me all the way down to the gatepost.

On the Bramble
and onto the fence by the gate

I stood by the gate watching the redwings in the field, the moorhens and rabbits with the odd thrush popping in.. and as I stood there quietly I was aware of something rustling in the bramble to my left over the fence.. I watched and could see movement but couldn’t make out what it was then all of a sudden up popped a head.. A weasel… how cool was that !!

Weasely peeking through the reeds and bramble

He checked all around him and ducked in and out a few more times before making a dash across the gap to reach the safety of  more bramble by the fence.. thankfully I was on him and managed to grab my shot of the day…

weasel fully out in the sunshine, Pick of the day

I decided to take a walk up the back of the marsh out of the cold wind for a while and set off up the path.. there was no one about so it was nice and quiet and the sun was out on the bench so I sat there for a while and lowered the tripod down to sitting level.
There was a swan sitting on the island curled up in the sunshine, probably thinking about nesting there by the looks.. and I could tell she was a bit perturbed by something and kept straining her neck to look at something..
I followed her gaze and eventually spotted a movement in the reeds and within a few minutes  a Bittern walked into view right out in front of me..today was turning out to be a lucky day..

Bittern stalking throughh the reeds

He walked along the edge of the reedbed occasionally weaving back in and out of the reeds and eventually walked out completely up onto the pile of reed cuttings that were piled at the edge..

Bittern out in the open on the cut reed pile

as he stood on the pile looking around a chap with his camera and binoculars came walking up the path towards me… I called to ask him if he wanted to see the bittern and he came up slowly and I pointed him out and he managed to get some nice pictures of him standing there in the Full sun before flying off over the back of the marsh..

We had a brief chat and I do apologize because I’ve forgotten his name, I have a terrible short term memory.

I wandered back to the front and left him sat on the bench and as my final treatof the day the water pipit came right in and sat by the edge of the water in front of me.. so I was able to call it a successful day and head off home as I was still suffering the nausea and sickness side effects of the chemotherapy..

Water pipit in the edge of the marsh

Well that wraps up my post for the day, I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing the pics and words with me and will leave comments and call back to see what tomorrow brings in NaturalCornwall™

Bye for now


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  1. Great set of photos Mel I like the ones of the Weasel

  2. Thanks Keith.. he was a total out of the blue surprise.. so quick I’m just glad I managed to grab one of him..

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