Monday Morning Blues

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That was kind of Leanne’s feelings this morning so while i was having my weekly blood tests done at cape cornwall surgery we got her in to see the doc as she’s still not feeling much better since the accident. Sickness Nausea and teary as well as a lot of back pain..
We decided to have a ride over to brew farm and see if the cattle Egrets were about, and sure enough one was right by the gate and simple to photograph which makes a nice change, here he is flying over the field.

Cattle Egret flying over brew farm

Andsettled to sit by the gate

Cattle Egret by the Gate at Brew farm

We headed off through the lane and called in at Porthgwarra to have a look over the top.. there were fields full of what looked like golden plover but too far away for a good look or positive ID.. There seemed to be little about and we’d had a call to say take the van to penzance crash repair centre so we set off and headed down there..
Well they say they come in 3’s and I’ve lost count where we are but halfway up the hair pin bend on the road from Porthcurno to Lamorna, the Bus jumped out of first gear and I couldn’t get it back in.. just kept grinding and crunching..I had another T25 behind me who had to drop back around the bend to let us drop back across the road into the farm track to allow him past us..
I had several attempts at setting off but the gear kept jumping out and if I held the gearstick there it simply grated and obviously she’d sheared the gear wheel.
So a slow start off in second and she eventually chugged away up the hill and down to the Crash repair centre.
Deed done and estimate sorted we headed over to marazion struggling with second gear set offs but we managed it..
I had an hour on the wall and nothing much happening, the wind seemed to have increased again and was now blowing South westerly but a tad warmer than over the weekend..
The swans were parading around the channels in the afternoon sun displaying themselves to each other.. Meanwhile a raven crowed just by the wall

Swans on Patrol
Ravens Crowing

I decided to tqake a walk down the beach and then go into the field at the bottom of the marsh.  There was a bunch of sanderling on the beach, probably around 25 of them running backwards and forwards with the tide gathering as much food as they could.

Sanderlings on the beach

I walked over the road and back onto the marsh down the bottom by the gate and stood a while there enjoying the late afternoon sun, although there was very little heat in it..
A snipe decided to land just in front and pranced about on the reeds there and was soon joined by a female blackbird who began rummaging for food….

Snipe on the reeds
Blackbird female

well the day had been quite draining on both of us and I could see when leanne brought tea down that she was really feeling the strain so I said we’d head off and get the van home.. We finished our tea at the bench up the footpath where I shot this little chap who was hopping around with his friends.

Long tailed tit
And that kinda wraps it up for today for me.. we headed off home through Mousehole to ease the load on the van..
Lets hope for a better day tomorrow..
Mel ^

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  1. Mel & Leanne. so shocked to read of your really bad few days. Things can only get better ! Sue

  2. Thanks for your Kind thoughts Sue, we’ll be fine. I’m just a bit sad they may try to write off the old splashbus, but Leanne is really feeling blue and I have to say I didn’t even think about it at the time..
    I’m hoping the Fisherman isn’t suffering the same sort of flashbacks after all he was the one who took the most of the battering being thrown up on the wall and over on his side before coming to an abrupt halt down the side of the splashbus it must have been pretty scary for him..

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