The Summer’s Gone

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and all the leaves are falling…. About time I got back to updating my blog, I do apologise for that but time just simply ran away through the summer. Well enough of the apologies etc and on to better things… … Continued

Bitter Cold Windy May

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Well at least it felt that way standing on the navacks up on top of Godrevy seeking out anything of interest in the howling cross wind. However it warmed the cockles when further down Leanne called out.. is that a … Continued

Catch up time

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Well it’s been a while since I got round to blogging, I guess everything went kind of tits up with the van and Leanne’s injuries etc so I seem to have been running myself ragged over the past week or … Continued

S’all gornsa quiet down squidno

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Hasn’t it just! this strange inbetweener time where everything seems to have either dissappeared or not yet arrived.. I suppose the swallows will be back soon and the whole cycle begins again.. aint life wonderful 🙂 One good thing is … Continued

South to North and back again

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In search of Surf… Quite frankly dissappointing to say the least.. it hardly seemed worth a trip up North Cornwall beyond Godrevy for.. This tiny specimen prompted a Drive across country to Godrevy to check out the North Coast pre … Continued

Surf and wind

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Hi everyone, just to keep you up to date with whats going on.. we’re still waiting for decisions from the insurers as to what THEY want to do with the splashbus (I sense a fight coming)  so you’ll see us … Continued

I Toad ya we’d be back

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And here we are, we were never really away, just busy earning a living completing some commission shoots we had to do up country..a bit. I figured due to the response of us not being around for a couple of … Continued

Four seasons in one day

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I didn’t think it would be much of a day seeing the grey skies and wintery showers this morning, and I know Bob felt the same as he’d rung to say he was going into Hide-ing starting off at Stithians … Continued

Monday Morning Blues

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That was kind of Leanne’s feelings this morning so while i was having my weekly blood tests done at cape cornwall surgery we got her in to see the doc as she’s still not feeling much better since the accident. … Continued

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