Rainy days and thursdays

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A Miserable day as days go weather wise but if you’re a positive kind of person like I try to be most of the time then you get out in the rain and shoot the windsurfers and kitesurfers off the … Continued

Bitter Cold wind and then some

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Back on the day job again today with a couple of the Windsurfers and a few kites at marazion.. Andy King out doing his usual flips forwards reverses and generally flying and Ian Blackie Black and I couldn’t quite make … Continued

Aprés Surf Chillax

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As many of you Know, for my day Job I shoot Surfers for my website Splashography , and thats exactly what I’d been doing over on Marazion Beach, albeit small and uncrowded.. it was worthwhile as Images sold within hours … Continued

Window in the Weather

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Was looking reasonable in the Morning but as the day went on the weather got worse with rain and mist, and by did it rain.. We started out at Sandy cove checking out the possible surf with a couple of … Continued

Mating Dance

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Yes its already looking like the tempting is beginning, it was evident today in the Teals starting their dance to attract the females.. maybe they’re just getting a little confused with this winter sun we’ve been having.. Teals are small … Continued

Once Bittern Twice Shy

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Finally, the Bitterns were showing well at Marazion marsh yesterday.. I counted three but it was confirmed there were at least four.. For those unaware of the Bird, its a thickset heron with all-over bright, pale, buffy-brown plumage covered with … Continued

Welcome to Natural Cornwall!

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Welcome to Natural Cornwall Newsdesk.  Here we’ll keep you up to date with what’s been happening and give a general journal of our day to day shooting and choice of images.

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